La folle équipe Tah-dah!



Authentic and cheerful, Sabe is a radiant woman. Her dynamism will quickly brings us in a good mood every time. The sincerity and the freshness emanate from this vibrating person. Sabe is a woman with a good heart whom we do not regret knowing. -Ludo-



As a ray of sunshine which illuminates Tah-Dah! Ludhovik is of a contagious cheerfulness. Being able to give only his 110 %, its concern of the detail and his perfectionism are incomparable. It is a brilliant person and regorgante of charisma which we like at the first moment! -Geneviève-



Wearing the hat at the same time of businesswoman and craftswoman, happy Marianne is an inexhaustible source of creativity! She possesses a big expertise on handmade crafts and will help you choose the perfect present. Endowed for the resolution of problems, we would want all to have mini Marianne in our pocket! 



Free spirit or rebel, Geneviève is a very charming person. Her spontaneity has an equal only its dedication. Without lack of seriousness, she's always ready for a laugh. Aside from having a big intelligence, she abounds in love and in simplicity. 



Borderless developer, fireman, gang chief. Let's say! he has all the qualities of all of the above gang member but even better. He has modesty as best feature.