1. Informations légales

Le Propriétaire est : Sabrina Caron
Adresse postale du propriétaire : 156 Jean-talon Est - H2R1S7 - Montréal - Québec - Canada
Numéro de téléphone : +1(514)-271-1313
Adresse électronique :
Numéro d'entreprise : 2263518138

Le Créateur du site est : Loïc Fuentes
Le Responsable de la publication est : Sabrina Caron
Contacter le responsable de la publication :
Le responsable de la publication est une personne physique

Le Webmaster est : Loïc Fuentes
Contacter le Webmaster :
L’hebergeur du site est : 1&1 Internet Inc. - Hostmaster ONEANDONE 701 Lee Rd. Suite 300 19087 Chesterbrook - USA

2. Présentation et principe

Is indicated(appointed) below: user, quite Internet connecting and using the above-named site:
The site groups(includes) a set of services(departments), in the state, put at the disposal of the users. It is specified here that the latter have to remain courteous and make honest proof both to the other users and to the webmaster of the site The site is regularly updated by Loïc Fuentes.

Sabrina Caron tries hard to supply on the site the most precise possible information (subject to modifications brought since their alignment), but could not guarantee the accuracy, the comprehensiveness and the current events of the information spread on its site, that they are of his fact or because of the third partners who supply him this information. Accordingly, the user recognizes to use this given information (for information purposes, not exhaustive and susceptible to evolve) under his exclusive responsibility.

3. Accessibility

The site is on principle accessible(approachable) to the users 24 / 24h, 7 / 7j, except interruption, scheduled(programmed) or not, for the needs for its maintenance or in case of force majeure. In case of impossibility of access to the service(department), makes a commitment to do his/her utmost to restore the access to the service(department) and will then try hard to communicate before the users the dates and times of the intervention. Being subjected(submitted) only to an obligation(bond) of way(means), could not be held responsible for any damage, whatever is the nature, resulting from an unavailability of the service(department).

4. Intellectual Property

Sabrina Caron is exclusive owner of all the intellectual property rights or holds rights of user on all the accessible elements on the site, both on the structure as on the texts, the images, the graphics, the logo, the icons, the sounds, the software …
Any total or partial reproduction of the site, the representation, the modification, the publication, the total or partial adaptation of any of these elements, whatever is the way or the used process, is forbidden, except prior written authorization of Sabrina Caron, owner of the site the email:, in defect it will be considered constituent of a forgery.

5. Hypertext links and cookies

The site contains a number of hypertext links towards other sites (partners, information) set up with the authorization of Sabrina Caron. However, sabrina caron has no possibility of verifying the whole contents of sites so visited and thus disclaims all liability of this fact when at the possible risks of illicit contents.
The user is informed that during his visits on the site, one or several cookies may settle down automatically on his computer through its browser software. A cookie is a block of data which does not allow to identify the user, but which records information concerning the navigation of this one on the site. 

The user can however configure the sailor(browser) of his computer to refuse the installation of cookies, knowing that the refusal of installation of a cookie can pull(entail) the impossibility to reach certain services(departments). For any bloquage of cookies, bang(type) in your search engine: bloquage of the cookies under IE or firefox and follow the instructions according to your version.

6. Protection of the properties(goods) and the people - management of the personal data

On the site, sabrina caron collect personal information concerning the user only for the need for certain services proposed by the site The user supplies this information with full knowledge of the facts, in particular when it proceeds by himself to their seizure. The obligation or not is then specified to the user of the site to supply this information.
Every user has an access right, a rectification, an abolition and an opposition to the personal data concerning him. To exercise him, send your request in by email: or in writing duly signed, accompanied by a copy of the title of identity with signature of the holder of the room, by specifying the address in which the answer has to be sended.

No personal information of the user of the site is published without knowing the user, exchanged, transferred, given up or sold on an any support to thirds. Only the hypothesis of the repurchase of the site and of its rights authorizes sabrina caron to pass on said information to the possible buyer who would be kept in turn in the same obligation of preservation and modification of the data face to face of the user of the site

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